Friday, 25 November 2011

Subway Adventure to Hollywood, Los Angeles

Unexpectedly I was adventurous enough to go on Public Transport from our hotel Hampton Inn at East Huntington Drive in Arcadia Los Angeles (see map) to Hollywood !

On 17th November 2011, LA time the rest of the IEA group went to the Universal Studio which I thought would give it a miss as I have been to 2 Universal Studios: one in Gold Coast Australia and the other in Singapore.

I thought a Hollywood trip would be better but to take a taxi from our hotel to our destination would cost about US$80 one way trip.

Luckily another IEA delegate, Noorin would want to join me in my self exploration in foreign land. So instead of taking the expensive taxi ride, we took their public bus and the METRO train to go to Hollywood. The trip takes us only about 1 hr 30min (not inclusive waiting and transit time) to reach our destination.

We walked from Hampton Inn, about a block away to the bus stop, board the bus bound to Sierra Madre Villa bus station. This journey was about 21 minutes. Station an interchange for us to transit to another Red Line connection to Hollywood Highlands Station.

The bus trip cost only US$1.25 from our hotel to the Sierra Madre Villa Bus Terminal. US$1.25 irregardless of the distance you travel. Isn't that GREAT ? (only if Singapore has this concept for city bound bus services).

Seriously back in Singapore it has been donkey years since I hopped into a public bus or take the MRTride as I have my faithful Black Beemer to horse around the island.

Upon boarding the bus, I was wondering where the bell was located. Hmmm where to press the bell when I need to press to alight? Looking
around the bus like a "sua-koo" (like an alien in a foreign land).

I looked at the ceiling, I looked at the centre holding bar.... Hmmm I could not figure out where the bell was until I saw the passenger in front of my seat pressed the long yellow like-wire by the window panel! Haiz... There it goes with the BELL !!! Soooo "sua-koo".

Cross over to the Train Station at Sierra Madre on Gold Line to Union Square. This ride took another 36minutes to reach the Transit Interchange.

Station an interchange for us to transit to another Red Line connection to Hollywood Highlands Station. Another 25minutes ride before Hollywood !

The train from Sierra Madre has a short coach only. It's above ground. The ride 40minutes ride to Union Square Station cost only $1.50 any trip but $5 for a day pass hop on and off anytime was worth it. Why can't our Singapore MRT adopt this type of fare system?

Like the Interchange we have here in City Hall Singapore, we had to change train to a RED Line to Hollywood Highlands Statiom which took us another 25minutes to reach destination. The Red Line was an underground ride which also passed by Chinatown station. Only if we had the time to explore more we could have been surfaced to LA's Chinatown!

Now this is my adventurous companion for the exploration, Noorin.

The trip was worth it. I actally explored foreign land by bus & their subway !

The subway station was quite deserted at 11am. But by evening there were more people probably coming back from work.

Amazingly the train was not sardine-packed like our Singapore MRT. It is also handicapped-friendy with the elavator at every train station.

Verdict: clean & effiecient too.

Memories in Los Angeles.
With Love....
Roza Sure Bagus

Your Window to the other side of the world.

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