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Stop Hunting ! Juz bring in your luggage when you BUY this Property 4A Jurong West St 73.

Jurong West is the buzz word when it comes to owning a property in the west island of Singapore. Why Jurong ?

Once upon a time this location was frowned upon due to it's close proximity to the Jurong Industrial area .... People were worried about the foul smell, smoke and the noise of aircraft flying to Pasir Laba Camp. I used to live in Jurong for about 20 years or so too.

(Back in the 70s till 90s)

Once upon a time it used to be dubbed as "ulu" (remote) area whom many people regarded that only the spirits will stay. Hahaha .... Don't spirits, satans or ghost live everywhere???

Hahaha..... In this millenium years, every nooks and corner of Land scarce Singapore will be saleable. Just name your price. Even the worst home with no renovation will be able to attract buyers. The old cemetery site with new housing development can also attracted human lives in it. No more unseen souls living in those sites.

But in the upmarket trend, Jurong West address especially near the Jurong Point area or anywhere that shouts nearby amenities can demand for a PRICE.

Lets take a peep in this marvelous home I am marketing for my client now.

This modern clean cut concept belongs to a young couple with 2 young children.

The living room has a decorated feature wall that display the LCD TV and the sound system.

A good 104sq metrea in size is a steal at most new flats in the Jurong Point vicinity comes with a smaller shoe box sizes like 86 sqm for their 4"A" model.

I can boast this is certainly a good buy. Just imagine when you add another 6sq metres to make it 110sq metres would be the size of a new 5rm flat in Street 60s (nearer to Jurong Point or Pioneer MRT)

The dining area was designed with feature wall, cornered with floral motives.

Simplicity is the key to this home. What i love about this home is that the walls have been plastered so smooth that it gives a superb finish for any colour to be painted on.

Even the kitchen which was renovated only in a few years still very well maintained. The whole house is sprawling clean. I must commend the home owner and their maid having kept the house spick and span despite having 2 young children. The spacious kitchen allows you to put in a breakfast table and yet you can have that space to move around.

And look at the 2 bathrooms.... (picture not available). Modern wall tiles and non-slip flooring gives a good feeling to be dreaming in it. Who knows by simply admiring the interior of the bathroom you may get some inspiration. I know I do. In fact some great ideas had evolved from my own bathroom. Just like Einstein ! Hahaha

Both kids room and the masterbedroom is cooled by their new aircon. What I love about the masterbedroom is that the owner has cleverly segregated the dressing area like a walk in wardrobe just by putting a curtain blinds.

Look the amenities surrounding this flat is superb too. In less than 5 minutes walk you can reach the Gek Poh Shopping Centre.
If you drive, it takes you only 5 minutes by car to the Jurong West Sports complex and swimming pool.

Jurong West Stadium
........ Gymnasium

Swimming complex with slides,
lazy pool, jacuzzi and more

To go to Jurong Point, if you take a feeder service bus 242 or trunk service 99 it will take between 15 - 20 minutes bus ride.

For SBS bus planner you may go to this link at

Those who loves dining out across the causeway can drive through the 2nd link Tuas Checkpoint - amazingly only 12 minutes drive !!!

So why wait ? !!
Get your butt off the seat and come view this worth buying property.

Valued. : SGD $380,000
Asking : SGD $430,000

Disclaimer: The property agent will not be held responsible if the buyers love at first sight. Just get ready your cheque book. Miss or regret.

Exclusive Agent:
Roza Sure Bagus
KEO of Sure Bagus (Asia) Pte Ltd
Hp: 945 666 97


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