Thursday, 10 November 2011

Part 1 - Los Angeles USA trip International Realtors convention

On 9th November EVA Air Flight BR226 to LA USA via Taipei marks the debut solo trip without my husband on a long flight to my 2nd time attending International Convention. The night before I couldnt sleep well perhaps due to my anxiety of travelling alone. Am i missing my husband & family already? I felt that uneasy feeling as i walked through the travelator alone towards the boarding lounge at D34. The rest of the 21 other delegates who are travelling together not in-sight yet.

Colin my dearest husband was very nice to help me packed all my clothing. He is always so organised when it comes to travelling. All items were sorted in different resealable plastics - all vacuum packed. I am entitled to a max of 23 kg per bag. As I intend to do a lot of shopping in LA, I thought of bringing another small bag to fit into the bigger bag but ooooh can't squeeze it all. I guess i will have to buy another luggage when I do my shopping at Anaheim.

So there goes my big fat luggage weighing 20.5kg at the check-in counter..

Wanna know what's inside my luggage?
Essential items:
1. Toileteries all packed in small containers. Wet wipes also a must.
2. Make up, this is super essential too as there will be 2 dinner function for me to really make-over.
3. Disposal Undies a must have whenever I travel. A haaa, travel light. Use and throw. However i still can't find any disposal bra in the market yet. Perhaps I should manufacture a prototype to test the market if Disposable Bra has a big market for women travellers.
4. My cowboy hat, cowboy boots, cowboy vest.... Oops i left the guns at home. Can't take it with me or else I will be arrested at the airport - this is for the Western Cowboy Theme Dinner Party....
5. My black long gown.... Blink blink outfit for the International Gala Dinner. I will be wearing like an Arabian princess !
6. Just in time tailored Blue Jacket designed by Roza Sure Bagus international label fpr career women!
7. My grey wool trenchcoat and other shocking pink trenchcoat. I hand carry my designer GUESS hooded wool jacket which i bought at New Jersey Guess Factory Outlet last November 2010.
8. Thermal inner wear for cold weather : it's between 9deg - 16deg.
9. A couple of jeans & outher casual outfits.
10. Another pair of shoes, I brought my brown Sketchers. Good for walking comfort.
11. Not to forget a few tudungs for the glam and casual looks.
12. Portable weighing scale
13. All the essential charger for i-Phone, i-Pad & camera.

As I am writing this blog and airbone, my Muslim meal food ration arrived at 1410. It's a steam rice with chicken curry, shredded letuce, tofu and a bun with butter. Served with orange juice. Good being the minority on board the plane coz I get to eat first ! Yahoo... Oh boy am i hungry since my Mee Rebus breakfast I had at home this morning.

First to eat first to finish. Food is nothing fantastic like my gourmet home cooked meal. Well... I am not complaining. In fact I am grateful to Allah for giving me all the bounties in life. Syukran. The 3 slices of honey dew & water melon has to set aside coz I am feeling bloated already.

To be continued with Part 2 later.....

Sign off from Los Angeles with Love.
Roza Sure Bagus

Group picture: Singapore delegates, picture taken at Changi Airport boarding lounge just before our transit flight Sin-Taipei-Los Angeles.

Location:S West St,Anaheim,United States

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