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Dressing up your home can make a great difference in PRICE !

Have you ever wonder why people love anything beautiful? Well.... It's human nature (unless you are a devil species who would definitely loves anything ugly and dirty stuffs).

When you go to a shopping centre to purchase an item, example a washing machine or a cosmetics, would you go to the salesperson who is pretty smartly dressed with eloquent communication skills or to the salesperson who is shabily dressed and do not look presentable with bad mannerism?

Of course you would go to the first salesperson who is pretty smartly dressed ! Hey don't lie to me or to yourself that you would march down to the second salesperson who is shabily dressed and ugly ? !

A-haaa.... That's what I am trying to drive you at..... Being "pretty" pays off.

In selling your house, preparing your prized asset in the open market, it's not just about showing it to your prospective buyers!

You GOT to DRESS it up PROPERLY to ATTRACT your Buyers !

First impression counts! And that you would want the first impression to last by landing their cheque in your hands! Right???

So what shall you do now? Read on... I will put it in point form so you can digest better.
1. Look out for Patchy ceiling
   This problem is commonly found in your toilets due to moist and perhaps when you use water heater, it forms cloudy pattern over time. Sometimes that paintwork becomes flaky or you may get pimple-like surface or if you get those spalling concrete, you must work on those ugly sights.
Action: Scrap the flaking old paint. For spalling concrete, you need a professional worker to plaster it. Paint the ceilings or walls (if not tiled) WHITE (including the Sewage Pipes if it's exposed in your bathrooms).
Effects: The fresh coat of pain will give u a clean feeling and no worries about leakage problem on the ceiling.

2. KItchen area: a favourite department for most women buyers.
      Fix that loose handles of your kitchen cabinet. Makesure you re-organise your interior of kitchen cabinet coz buyers may sometime like to take a "sneak preview" of the condition of your interior cabinet ! If your kitchen cabinet comes with good fittings like the BLOOMs system (soft close hinges) - show them off to your prospective Buyers. If your cabinet comes with special pull-out basket, show them off too!

Action: Clean your kitchen top. Put all those pots & pans away during show time. Remove any unsightly  fridge magnets. Make sure your cooking hob & hood is cleaned & not greasy! For HDB homes: remove your bamboo poles that is usually hung up on the kitchen ceiling. Ensure not even any clothes hung up there during viewing time.

Effects: Buyers can comprehend better when they see a clean kitchen, they can imagine themselves in it like their own. So better chance of them liking your house for them to BUY ! .... And at better price too.

3.  Living area.
       Remove excess furniture. I know some of you loves to hang up MANY pictures, wall flowers, artifacts all over the wall to scream for attention. Hmmm are we visiting a museum here? Keep what you love to yourself. Remember when i say first impression counts? Well bear that in mind we are dressing up your home for successful selling for a better PRICE. As a rule of thumb, do not clutter your wall more than one third of the available space !

Action: Remove access paintings or anything that your are hanging to your wall. Removed the nails and ensure you plaster it back those holes. Best possible to paint the living room area white or any colour that is soothing. Never choose a LOUD colour ! If your whole house comes with different colour scheme..... Paint it all WHITE !   (unless your house is already a designer home concept done by your past interior designer)

Effects: An uncluttered  living room gives a sense of spaciouness to the buyers. This is very important! Super important so the Buyers can imagine it with their own belongings there!

4. Bedrooms
      Now this is very private area which you have to show anyway when you want to sell your house ! Please remove anything unsightly to the public eyes. My goodness they are taking a peek at your lifestyle too.... So please perk up your bedrooms!

Action: Change to your best bedsheets! Have only two pillows or at most 4 only. Put away your bolsters coz we dont want too many stuff on your bed.... (you are not inviting any of them to sleep are you? Hehehe). Re-arrange your furniture if need be so as not to be cluttered and disrupt with the flow of movements.

Effects: Clean and nice presentation of your bedroom like the showroom of those condominiums SHOWHOUSE or at the bedding store will definitely entice the buyers to feeling good about buying your house.

5. Scent your house for sale.
     So everything looks beautiful now. Lets not forget to capture the sense of smell. You wouldn't want to invite Prospective Buyers to Bad Smelly home, would you?

Invest in purchasing a few bottles of aromatherapy essential oil. I love the smell of Ocean, Vanilla, Lily, Ylang Ylang, Rose ...... Lingering smells like relaxing in a SPA. NOW that is exactly the feeling you want to capture to the Prospective  Buyers !

That's all for now. For further personal consultation & house visits on how to improve your home for success, please call

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