Friday, 4 November 2011

30 reasons why i deserve a Macbook Pro

Kids nowadays are so fortunate.

My 14 year old teenage daughter has been bugging me to buy her a MacBook Pro after she has proven doing well in her exams. Well... i did not promise her any material rewards when she gets better results. I thought enticing her with worldly gift to make her study better will not be good idea so i just let her be.

I guessed having brought up her two older sisters (now they are 21 & 19 as at year 2011) has seasoned my ways of bringing up children.

I used to be dubbed like a FIRE Engine sirens yelling at them for not waking up early especially on Sunday morning! I just doing it on purpose to wake them up early even if it's a Sunday or public holiday! Hey that's discipline...

When i get so tired telling them to study hard over and over again like a broken record, i thought it will be just wasting my saliva!

So i thought of doing a reverse psychology. Instead of telling them to study hard, i just tell them this script:

"Well girl, do what you can. If you dont study good enough to get good grades, you can't go to polytechnic or eventually to University. So when you lack the academic certificates, you will be doing an office job, a mundane low paying job! You may end up being a janitor! So when you are working in that environment, you will end up meeting someone in the same trade and of the same qualification or lower than yours.

So you will end up marrying your kind. Afterthat you will struggle to work harder just to meet ends meet to buy a HDB flat (well it's not cheap nowadays to get one if you don't have $30,000 in CPF !!!). Then you have kids coming along the way. You will struggle again. You can't afford a live-in maid service.

You don't have that extra money to go for holidays with your family. Everyday is a struggle. You can't have the luxury in life like what I am giving you now. Coz when I am no longer alive to care for you, even all the money in the world that i will leave for you will not last forever. But the knowledge you acquire will keep you going.

Just imagine when you have all the paper qualifications, you get good job, good lifepartner. You can afford a better home. A car if you aspire. A great holidays every year. You can achieve whatever you can dream off.

So my child, which path you would rather choose? The choice is all yours. You study hard or you don't does not concern my life. It's your life! So don't study hard if you want to be a mediocre.'"

Well those words will drum into her hot headed skull.

Meantime i told her to write a 30 reasons why she deserves the MacBook Pro she has been bugging me. Here is what she wrote:

30 reasons why i deserve a Macbook Pro.

1. Mommy is beautiful (this is a valid reason unless u disagree which i assume you won't)

2. Mommy can afford it :D

3. Ratio of a mac book to your income 1:1000000(maybe? Idk)

4. I have 7 As in my report book hehe ;)

5. My grades has improved. DRASTIC CHANGE!

6. Sharing is "prohibited" amongst us siblings.. Sharing=dispute=violence& noise pollution=mom gets angry=stress=wrinkles. You wouldnt want wrinkles do you?

7. You wouldn't wanna spend your nights at home listening to the same argument over and over again over a laptop, do you?

8. I am a good daughter whom abide by the rules HEHEHE

9. I frequently share my hysterical school life stories with you which cracks you up. 15 seconds of laughter increases a person's lifespan by a day thus you will have a long life thanks to me hehehehehe.

10. I need a laptop for school purposes too.

11. I need to access e-learning.

12. I need google and wikipedia. Furthermore sec 3 will be a tough year without retrieving information from the internet.

13. Mac doesnt't get PC viruses=probably increase lifespan of laptop.

14. Macbook pro is loaded with the latest technology.

15. Macbook is compatible with windows and mac.

16. Macbook is designed to be a better computer.

17. It has office and works with existing PC files.

18. There are apps heheh *ESSENTIAL*

19. Software are better than windows.

20. Mac offers PAGES, a software specially for project presentations & etc

21. It comes with worlds' most advanced OS & award winning support.

22. I'm tech savvy so i can probably figure out the whole macbook without much assistance.

23. It can last up to 7 hours per charge. Amazing or what?!?!?!

24. Energy efficiency!!

25. Fewer toxic substances! (green movement here people) 26. Built in camera + mic. There's facetime!

27. Super HD screen!!!!!!!!!

28. Multi touch trackpad

29. Internet connection doesnt lack unlike PC sometimes....

30. Mac requires lesser than a minute to start unlike PC which is damn slow...

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