Friday, 11 November 2011

Part 2 Los Angeles USA Trip

Inflight Experience Sin-Taipei

We boarded the plane on 9th Nov 2011 by EVA Air BR226 at Changi Airport about 1255 hrs. Supposedly to take off at 1310hrs but the plane was waiting at the runaway and didnt take off till 1320hrs.

I got the aisle seat as per requested on ground. Lunch was served around 1410hrs. Just the normal in-flight meals. Best part being the minority Muslim meal is always being served first.

We reached Taipei airport at 1730 local time (Taiwan and Singapore share share GMT timeline). It was already dark here and raining rather heavily. We were ushered to the transit area and has to scan in our hand luggage through the Scanning counter.

In-Flight Experience Taipei-Los Angeles

By 1745 we already boarded BR0012 bound to Lax (Los Angeles airport).

My Dinner was served at 2000 hrs Singapore time. I still had my watch on local time though.

I was seated togther with Lionel & his colleague from DWG. First time meeting him in-person after seeing a lot of his comments on FB group.

I forced myself to sleep by 2130hrs as I was so tired (had slept only about 4 hrs prior to my departure). Being in economy class is a bit cramped, body aching while sleeping. Couldn't snooze well either. But i guess even business class seat is just slightly spacious but wouldn't be able to sleep well either for the much higher price!

I was awaken at 4am (singapore time) to eat my breakfast. Wow so early? It reminds me during Ramadhan (fasting month) having to wake at wee hours to take our early meal as we will not be able to eat after sunrise. By then, time to destination another 2 hrs.

Arrival time to Lax (local time shall be 1430hrs). Got to have my i-phone set on LA time.

We cleared the immigration department in a breeze. To my surprised most of the immigration officers are non-caucasian.

Imported Foreign Talent like Singapore has?

Even at the hotel lobby I was served by an Indonesian Chinese guy to check me into Disney's Paradise Hotel.

Will try to sleep early to adjust my time to LA time otherwise I will experience the jet-lag.

from Los Angeles with love.
Roza Sure Bagus

P.S. Eva Air is better than Delta Air which I took last year for my New Orleans, USA Trip.

This is Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel I stayed throughout my convention.

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