Thursday, 10 November 2011

Romancing your bedroom - does not mean only in LOVEMaking !

Do you feel excited stepping into your bedroom? Well if you are married and don't feel thrilling to go to your bedroom, then it's either you change your bedroom interior or you change your partner! Hahaha.... Juz kidding.

If you have been married for a long time, here is some tips to add excitement to your bedroom.

Redecorate with mood setting. Change those bright white flourescent light to a warm downlight. Put a bedside table by both sides of the bed to set that romantic environment.

Add wallpaper behind your bed headboard for a change. Now wall paper comes with trendy glitters and 3D effects.

Your bedsheets? Change it weekly ! Have variety of exciting colours.  Invest in those bedlinens with more thread counts. I juz love quiltset cover.... Designer look will surely entice both you and your partner to snuggle more in bed!

The more threadcounts the softer the fabric and surely a great comfort to last the lust! Avoid buying cheap bedsheets cause it is not only has rough texture but it gets worn out faster after a few wash. Do not clutter your bed with so many pillows & bolster. Bolters are good to use but ugly to display on bed! Keep them out of sight when not in used.

Curtains also plays an important role to set your romantic feeling. Last but no least, infuse your room with aromatherapy essential oils like vanilla, lily, or wild rose.

Once in a while, put a box of chocolates on your bed. Or a stalk or two roses. Or whatever fancy your imagination.

To re design or redecorate your bedroom, call us for creative ideas - we can surely set fire to your romance.

Romantically yours,
Roza Sure Bagus
Managing Director
D Trend Interior Design Pte Ltd
Call Nora at Tel : 6397 2357 for enquiries and bright ideas !

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