Sunday, 13 November 2011

It's great to be a CIPS designee... I felt like an International Celebrity Realtor

The early automated phone wake-up call to my room at 5.30am was worth it as I had ample time to get ready to meet fellow CIPS member team from Singapore at the Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel Lobby on early Saturday morning 10th November 2011.

We boarded our shuttle bus at 0700 hrs towards the convention hall and walked over to Mariott Hotel to meet the rest of International delegates at the coveted breakfast meeting with other fellow CIPS designees worldwide.

CIPS stands for Certified International Property Specialist, a certification recognised globally and issued by the American NAR (National Association Realtor) which I took the course and exam last year in 2010.

I must say all the realtors who attended the breakfast meeting were very warm & welcoming. It's certainly feel like home.

Many of them approached me and complimented my outfit especially my headdress which they thought was very unique & fashionable.

On my left is the Singapore delegate Lengson Chiu.

The lady with the Hijab spotted me from afar. Bibi Khan & her realtor husband Walauddin (Buddy) Hoosein are from New York.... I was there last year November 2010. We felt connected being fellow Muslims (a rarity to find here in LA I guess?).

Interestingly Bibi asked me where I got my headdress ensemble....
Ahaaa I got a customer in Muslim fashion already !

Jeff McDonald a Realtor from California was seated with us on the same table for breakfast.

Hmmm this lady, I can't recall her name.

The big guy Don Pasek from Chicago.

Annalisa Weller from Prudential Real Estate, St.Petersburg, Florida.

Now this French lady, I spotted her as soon as I entered the ballroom coz I love her unique jacket with the lace details on it. She said she bought it from France ! Well.... I must go to France one day to get a few unique outfit.

I must remain in contact with her especially for fashion .... Her name is Stella Giudicelli from Moneycorp, Florida. Oh yeah she does international exchange for currency. Moneycorp claimed to have better exchange rates than the banks. Service is for free. So if any foreign investors want to transfer foreign currency to USA electronically, must look for her.

The breakfast meeting was wonderful. It really kick-off my day superbly well.

Then off to the convention hall. There I met Terri Sjodin, the author of bestselling real estate books. She personally autographed the highly acclaimed book I bought: New Sales Speak: The 9 Biggest Sales Presentation Mistakes & How to Avoid them.

Ok. bye for now. Till further update on the glamorous nite this evening.

From Anaheim, LA USA with love
Roza Sure Bagus
Your Real Estate Advisor

..... And International Celebrity Realtor too....

Creating Wealth with Roza through Property Deals.

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