Thursday, 10 November 2011

Functional kitchen with great design ideas will set your mood to cook up a storm !

It's every women's dream (can a men's dream too) to have great kitchen coz for those who loves cooking, this is where our heart is.

Being a woman myself, I pride upon my well stocked kitchen. Functional & great design will definitely perks up my mood to cook up a gourmet styled dishes.

You may not need a designer kitchen to start with if you don't have that budget. But what you require is its functionality.

When designing a kitchen space, you must look into the work flow. You wouldn't want to walk too far to take your frozen food from the fridge to the wash basin. Your stove must not be too near to the wet area either. A good work space in between is definitely a must so it wouldn't cause any disharmony in workflow.

The height of your kitchen top is equally important too. Too low or too high not in congruent to your height while cooking wilk difinitely cause a strain.

Styling your kitchen layout needs a good vision of what activities are to be done in the kitchen itself. I am not  implying that you do activities like sewing in the kitchen. Or playing balls in the kitchen either ! What I'm referring to is apart from cooking activities, whether you will be sitting and eating in your kitchen as well... Coz if you need to lounge in it, you need a substantial  space in the kitchen.

Some people loves to watch TV while they cook so you may want to incorporate that in the design if space permits.

In my kitchen, I love to have several compartments to organise my well-stocked rations. My daughter ever brought back her schoolmates home and they were impressed at how well my kitchen is being stocked not only with daily essentials, but also baking ingredients ready to be mixed for any recipe! They said, if there is any war in Singapore, they will come to shelter at my home as the food ration are surely enough for them all.

When I moved into my new condo, it  came with standard designed kitchen cabinet with the basic and boring compartments.  Being me and creative, I redesigned all the internal compartments.  I asked my carpenter to "revamp" a little. Of course myself being the boss of my own interior design & renovation company I can create anything I want. I included various compartments to suit my lifestyle. I added the condiments (for my spices and sauces) pull-out tray. I added wire-baskets to one of the tall unit. I realign my shelving heights to suit the heights of my glasswares and other crockery.  In fact every nook of the space counts - it was remodelled !

If you live in HDB flats, there is no reason why you can't have the luxury of condo styled living. Many HDB flats has been transformed by my interior design and renovation company from a mediocre look to an elegant look of a showroom styled kitchen.

You will be amazed to walk into these kitchen not knowing it's actually in a HDB flat.

A good designed kitchen will certainly becomes the pride and joy of the homeowners. It will surely becomes the talking point when your guests walk into your 5-star kitchen.

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