Friday, 11 November 2011

Part 3 - 2nd Day in Anaheim, LA USA - My first Disneyland Experience

I never thought I would be able to touch the ground to Disneyland myself.

Today throughout my life history, I did. Dream come true when I was a child only to realise it now after 40s....

I grew up with the Disney characters. Anyway..... I did not take most of the rides due to time constraint.

I set the alarm clock to 0615 LA time but didnt wake up till 0830. So I got to rush take a quick shower to meet rest of the gang at the lobby by 0900hrs.

Wow dead rush eh....

The party of 9 of us walk down the street to have our American breakfast.

Breakfast atbTiffy's

California breakfast: 3 omelletes with olive, bell pepper, tomato, hash brown & sour cream

After that we walked towards Disneyland.

The streets over here are very clean and lined up with so many blooms. One of it is the plant Bird of Paradise:

Ok here is now the fun.... Inside Disneyland !

Inside Disneyland, the group dispersed. Me and Jacky (Jeff Foo's wife) tagged along each other coz we walked very fast.
We took a Jungle cruise.

The animals alongside are all made made and electronically controlled, inclusive of the pirannha in the rivers.

This elephant looks real...

Fake giraffe with all the sound effects...

This hippo is a real fake too.

Skulls alongside river.... (agaknya Disneyland pada waktu malam berpuaka ah)

After that we went to the "Haunted House" ride.... Not scary laaaah.

Haaa, this Mountain Splash ride makes people scream their lungs out but I dared not go for it.... This is scary aaah!

Then we took this Mark Twain steam ship....

We were privileged to be invited to the Captain's deck.
Me steering the big wheel ..... Yee wheelie!

I got to blow the ship's whistle too.... Toot toot...

Me & Jacky...the captain's co-pilots


Then we walked to the Palace & Castles land...

This fastasy land of snowwhites....

Entering the Snowwhite house.

This is thr Peter Pan ride.

Then Pinocchio ride....

Hhmmmmm, by now my legs so tired !!!!

Admiring the space shuttle....

But we boarded the StarWars Cruise to the outerspace. The long queue was worth waiting for coz it was quite thrilling with the 3D effects

Time to go as both legs aching already.... So we walked along the street.

Sitting down for a while appreciating a little bit of nature before exiting the Disneyland.

Well that's all for today.

I wished i was there with my family...

From Disneyland with love...
Roza Sure Bagus
10th November 2011.

Location:S West St,Anaheim,United States

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