Friday, 25 November 2011

Subway Adventure to Hollywood, Los Angeles

Unexpectedly I was adventurous enough to go on Public Transport from our hotel Hampton Inn at East Huntington Drive in Arcadia Los Angeles (see map) to Hollywood !

On 17th November 2011, LA time the rest of the IEA group went to the Universal Studio which I thought would give it a miss as I have been to 2 Universal Studios: one in Gold Coast Australia and the other in Singapore.

I thought a Hollywood trip would be better but to take a taxi from our hotel to our destination would cost about US$80 one way trip.

Luckily another IEA delegate, Noorin would want to join me in my self exploration in foreign land. So instead of taking the expensive taxi ride, we took their public bus and the METRO train to go to Hollywood. The trip takes us only about 1 hr 30min (not inclusive waiting and transit time) to reach our destination.

We walked from Hampton Inn, about a block away to the bus stop, board the bus bound to Sierra Madre Villa bus station. This journey was about 21 minutes. Station an interchange for us to transit to another Red Line connection to Hollywood Highlands Station.

The bus trip cost only US$1.25 from our hotel to the Sierra Madre Villa Bus Terminal. US$1.25 irregardless of the distance you travel. Isn't that GREAT ? (only if Singapore has this concept for city bound bus services).

Seriously back in Singapore it has been donkey years since I hopped into a public bus or take the MRTride as I have my faithful Black Beemer to horse around the island.

Upon boarding the bus, I was wondering where the bell was located. Hmmm where to press the bell when I need to press to alight? Looking
around the bus like a "sua-koo" (like an alien in a foreign land).

I looked at the ceiling, I looked at the centre holding bar.... Hmmm I could not figure out where the bell was until I saw the passenger in front of my seat pressed the long yellow like-wire by the window panel! Haiz... There it goes with the BELL !!! Soooo "sua-koo".

Cross over to the Train Station at Sierra Madre on Gold Line to Union Square. This ride took another 36minutes to reach the Transit Interchange.

Station an interchange for us to transit to another Red Line connection to Hollywood Highlands Station. Another 25minutes ride before Hollywood !

The train from Sierra Madre has a short coach only. It's above ground. The ride 40minutes ride to Union Square Station cost only $1.50 any trip but $5 for a day pass hop on and off anytime was worth it. Why can't our Singapore MRT adopt this type of fare system?

Like the Interchange we have here in City Hall Singapore, we had to change train to a RED Line to Hollywood Highlands Statiom which took us another 25minutes to reach destination. The Red Line was an underground ride which also passed by Chinatown station. Only if we had the time to explore more we could have been surfaced to LA's Chinatown!

Now this is my adventurous companion for the exploration, Noorin.

The trip was worth it. I actally explored foreign land by bus & their subway !

The subway station was quite deserted at 11am. But by evening there were more people probably coming back from work.

Amazingly the train was not sardine-packed like our Singapore MRT. It is also handicapped-friendy with the elavator at every train station.

Verdict: clean & effiecient too.

Memories in Los Angeles.
With Love....
Roza Sure Bagus

Your Window to the other side of the world.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Do You Know? An inspirational Song by Diana Ross is great reminder of all times.

I had the pleasure of watching Diana Ross "live" in concert when I attended my International Realtors Conference in Anaheim. The concert was held at Anaheim Convention Centre, Los Angeles, USA on 13th November 2011.

She sounds the same as ever in her dynamic voice. Her stardom never stop to amaze the audience. She was good at interaction with the audience too.

One of my all-time favourite song is when she sang "Do you know".

I would like to share with everyone in depth of the meaning of this lyrics.
I must give credit to the song writer and the lyricist for this great song.
Simple yet meaningful.

Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to? do you know?
Do you get what you're hoping for?
When you look behind you there's no open door What are you hoping for?
Do you know?

Once we were standing still in time
Chasing the fantasies that filled our minds You knew i loved you, but my spirit was free Laughing at the question that you once ask me

Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to? do you know?

Now, looking back in all we pass
We've let so many dreams just slip through our hands Why must we wait so long before we see How sad the answers to those questions can be?

Do you know where you're going to?
Do you like the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to? do you know?
Do you get what you're hoping for?
When you look behind you there's no open door What are you hoping for?
Do you know?

My thoughts on the verses:
On the very first line: "Do you know where you're going to?"
In our life, what we must have is a GOAL in life to set us going. This very question is asking what we want. Where we are going to actually means YOUR GOAL !

"Do you like the things that life is showing you?" - is a reflection of your life, your past and current life whether you like it or not? This is like playing back your life video and needs editing if you don't like any part of it.... Make AMENDS !

However I would like to add, our life is like a MOVIE that you can set to direct it the way you want to be. The Universe is a stage. We are the actors. And certainly you must be your own DIRECTOR of your own movie ! Play it in your MIND whatever you want your life to be. The power of affirmation is amazingly true. Believe in YOURSELF before others can Believe in you. (hmmm do I sound like any of those motivational speakers?)

You know, having going through life roller coaster, I must say that my personal experience has been the best education I had.

I am constantly learning from my past and certainly from others too. Education should be a life-long journey till our deathbed.

So enjoy every moments in life. Cherish every seconds that comes to us for we can never get it back.

Lots of love from your
Lovely Motivational Speaker
Roza Sure Bagus
Singapore 23rd November 2011

Fantastic Ways how to organise your wardrobe


Tired of messy cupboards?

Can't find that favourite coloured socks that you are looking for?
Or that little tights you stuff amongst your other clothes drowned in compact closet?

Well worry no more! Get yourself organise !

One thing I can't stand is to have messy wardrobe compartment and rummaging through to get my stuff.

Here are some great ideas you can use.
1. Sort out your tiny togs like undies, bras, socks and ties in different drawers. Good when you compartmentalise your drawers into little slots so it is not all messed up. (show pictures of compartmentalised drawers with some undies or ties on it)

2. Sort out the colours of your clothes. Separate the pants, blouse, shirts so it is easy to find.

3. Fold the T-Shirts Nicely when u have iron it.

Women's accesories: best place to keep or display it!
You know being women is not easy.... Coz we are high maintenance people comparex to the me Women needs accessories to compliment our looks. Hey we got style bab Look from head to toes what a woman would need for her wardrobe:

1. Shoes / Boots / Slippers
2. Socks / Stockings / Tights
3. Belts
4. Brochures
5. Necklace
6. Ear rings
7. Scarves
8. Hats / Wigs

If you dont keep them organised, you will end up buying those things and can't find it.

Look here how you can get it done in a jiffy !

To customise your wardrobe, please call our staff Leena / Nora at 63972357 or view our website at:
make an appointment with our interior designer to fulfill your dream wardrobe.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Make up essential therapy - a must for every women.

A woman being women, this is a must have itinerary during any holiday trips. It's SHOPPING !

My initial purpose visiting Sephora, a make up shop selling cosmetics and fragrance was to buy just one eye liner to replenish the one I brought from Singapore has dried up.

Walking through the shop was an experience. I selected 2 items to compare. A salesgirl approached me and asked: "Are you ok with that? Do you want a basket?"

I replied:"I'm good. Can you recommend which brand is better for long lasting liquid eye liner? Ooh I don't need a basket for now, thanks."

I was very pleased because the service was good. Back in Singapore mostly the salesgirl would not have approached me.

I went through another round....
Browsing and testing....
And you know what???
I ended up with a basket when I bought all this items!

7 dramatic colours of liquid eyeliners (glitterati silver & gold inclusive), a mascara, a lip gloss and a roll on Lady Million Parco Rabanne bottle of roll-on parfume.

Good thing my hubby was not around me during this retail madness.... Otherwise I will be shooed to the exit after 10minutes !

Do you want to have that Million Dollar look? I know I do....

Follow my beauty tips coming up next....

From Anaheim with love.
Roza Sure Bagus
Creating wealth with Roza through Property Deals.....

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Location:Sephora at Disneyland Downtown Shopping Mall, Anaheim, USA

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Roza came like the "Princess of Brunei" was the Limelight at International Realtors Nite.

Awesome nite of a lifetime as Roza who came all dressed up as the "Princess of Brunei" as her first name Dayangku originated from - actually stole the limelight of the Hollywood Theme party for all the International Realtors on Saturday night 12th November 2011.

Unexpectedly her ensemble of black evening gown with golden sequins worn over inner black top while her headgear was covered with gold embroidered "blink blink" long scarf once again made not only the men's head turned but also the equally beautifully dressed ladies who actually stopped her and complimented her dressing in admiration.

Wow! Roza certainly became instantaneously famous overnight!

Many had requested to be photographed with her. What an honour and she was priveleged to be so warmly welcome by the Americans as well as other International Community.

She certainly has brought Muslimah fashion to a new heights.
And could that lead to motivate her to open up a Muslimah Boutique internationally ?

Some moments to remember....
Delegates from Singapore strutting their glamorous looks.

Left : Doreen centre: Margaret.
On the right of course the Princess of Brunei!

Poh Choo said that I look like a bride !
Hmmm where did I left the bridegroom?

Picture taken with Noreen (Singapore Delegate from DWG) and the equally outstandingly attired was the realtor from Cape Town South Africa.
Our Singapore delegates all excitedly over taking pictures. Hmm how exquisite. He said he would come to Singapore to marry the Princess of Brunei Roza if she is not yet married. Hahaha no wonder Poh Choo said Roza looks like wearing a bridal outfit !

The ever lovely and talented Ms Camela Ma, the CIPS instructor caught her eyes off Roza's outstanding outift presentation too. Seated in the same picture is our first lady of Jeff Foo - Mrs Jacky Foo who is equally stunning herself.

Stella Giudicelli, the french Lady from Moneycorp... She is also exquisitely beautiful.

These are the two bodyguards for the Princess Roza: Bernard (left) and Lionel (Right). They apparently left the Limousine unattended and we got to walk back to our nearby hotel..... Or perhaps our carriage turned into Pumpkin just before Midnite???

Tan Tee Koon, formerly the CEO of SAEA was there too....
To honour the presence of the Princess Roza.

The entourage from Korea: Suck Yoon Jung, Director of Korean Association of Realtors could not resist his eyes of the Princess Roza.
On the right ....
Oh dear the Princess cannot recalled his name...
To many admirers already.

Ms Tracy Wong the IEA Director with the Princess.
Two lovely ladies aren't they?

The International dinner has certainly left a very memorable journey to the Princess Roza journey to stardom.

Awesomely outstanding appearance by everyone.

To rest of Singspore Realtors: Please join IEA and be a part of history. Take your CIPS certification next year and receive your award at NAR Convention in Colorado USA. Another land of Disney World.

From Aneheim with lots of love

Princess Roza .......

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Location:Hilton Anaheim Los Angeles USA

It's great to be a CIPS designee... I felt like an International Celebrity Realtor

The early automated phone wake-up call to my room at 5.30am was worth it as I had ample time to get ready to meet fellow CIPS member team from Singapore at the Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel Lobby on early Saturday morning 10th November 2011.

We boarded our shuttle bus at 0700 hrs towards the convention hall and walked over to Mariott Hotel to meet the rest of International delegates at the coveted breakfast meeting with other fellow CIPS designees worldwide.

CIPS stands for Certified International Property Specialist, a certification recognised globally and issued by the American NAR (National Association Realtor) which I took the course and exam last year in 2010.

I must say all the realtors who attended the breakfast meeting were very warm & welcoming. It's certainly feel like home.

Many of them approached me and complimented my outfit especially my headdress which they thought was very unique & fashionable.

On my left is the Singapore delegate Lengson Chiu.

The lady with the Hijab spotted me from afar. Bibi Khan & her realtor husband Walauddin (Buddy) Hoosein are from New York.... I was there last year November 2010. We felt connected being fellow Muslims (a rarity to find here in LA I guess?).

Interestingly Bibi asked me where I got my headdress ensemble....
Ahaaa I got a customer in Muslim fashion already !

Jeff McDonald a Realtor from California was seated with us on the same table for breakfast.

Hmmm this lady, I can't recall her name.

The big guy Don Pasek from Chicago.

Annalisa Weller from Prudential Real Estate, St.Petersburg, Florida.

Now this French lady, I spotted her as soon as I entered the ballroom coz I love her unique jacket with the lace details on it. She said she bought it from France ! Well.... I must go to France one day to get a few unique outfit.

I must remain in contact with her especially for fashion .... Her name is Stella Giudicelli from Moneycorp, Florida. Oh yeah she does international exchange for currency. Moneycorp claimed to have better exchange rates than the banks. Service is for free. So if any foreign investors want to transfer foreign currency to USA electronically, must look for her.

The breakfast meeting was wonderful. It really kick-off my day superbly well.

Then off to the convention hall. There I met Terri Sjodin, the author of bestselling real estate books. She personally autographed the highly acclaimed book I bought: New Sales Speak: The 9 Biggest Sales Presentation Mistakes & How to Avoid them.

Ok. bye for now. Till further update on the glamorous nite this evening.

From Anaheim, LA USA with love
Roza Sure Bagus
Your Real Estate Advisor

..... And International Celebrity Realtor too....

Creating Wealth with Roza through Property Deals.

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Location:Paradise Pier,Anaheim,United States

Friday, 11 November 2011

Part 4 - Denim & Diamonds Theme Party for International Realtors Party

All the delegates around the World congregate together in the Welcome Party with western cowboy theme.

The newly installed NAR (National Assn of Realtors) President Maurice J Veissi gave a very "moving" speech surrounding the unity of the association, he urged that we be involved in our association back home, devote our time & dedication for the cause of real estate so that with strength in number, the association can champion any cause for thr real estate practitioners.

How wonderful his vision is. I just with our Singapore Institute of Estate Agency (IEA) can be as big as thr NAR with over then 1 million members.

He said that with any house sold, the economy moves because it created so many opportunity for many people: like you need the landscape workers, interiorior designers to renovate the house, buying new furnitures, etc.

Hence the importance of realtors to the economy.

The theme of Western Cowboys was regarded as these Cowboys were the earlier land developers as they venture into new land and build houses and their township.... Hmmm how true it is. I remembered the TV series "Little House of the Prairies".

Now these are our glamourous cowboy outfits:
This is Roza the cowboy of the east from Singapore together with the lovely Tracy Wong, IEA Singapore General Manager.

Hello Cowgirls.... Yee Har !

Group photo just outside the Disney's Paradise Hotel.

Now this picture was taken outside the Convention Hall.

From Anaheim, Los Angeles with Love
Roza Sure Bagus
KEO & MD of
Sure Bagus (Asia) Pte Ltd

Creating Wealth with Roza through Property Deals...

MD of D Trend Interior Design Pte Ltd
Get our creative ideas that will turn your house to home.

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Part 3 - 2nd Day in Anaheim, LA USA - My first Disneyland Experience

I never thought I would be able to touch the ground to Disneyland myself.

Today throughout my life history, I did. Dream come true when I was a child only to realise it now after 40s....

I grew up with the Disney characters. Anyway..... I did not take most of the rides due to time constraint.

I set the alarm clock to 0615 LA time but didnt wake up till 0830. So I got to rush take a quick shower to meet rest of the gang at the lobby by 0900hrs.

Wow dead rush eh....

The party of 9 of us walk down the street to have our American breakfast.

Breakfast atbTiffy's

California breakfast: 3 omelletes with olive, bell pepper, tomato, hash brown & sour cream

After that we walked towards Disneyland.

The streets over here are very clean and lined up with so many blooms. One of it is the plant Bird of Paradise:

Ok here is now the fun.... Inside Disneyland !

Inside Disneyland, the group dispersed. Me and Jacky (Jeff Foo's wife) tagged along each other coz we walked very fast.
We took a Jungle cruise.

The animals alongside are all made made and electronically controlled, inclusive of the pirannha in the rivers.

This elephant looks real...

Fake giraffe with all the sound effects...

This hippo is a real fake too.

Skulls alongside river.... (agaknya Disneyland pada waktu malam berpuaka ah)

After that we went to the "Haunted House" ride.... Not scary laaaah.

Haaa, this Mountain Splash ride makes people scream their lungs out but I dared not go for it.... This is scary aaah!

Then we took this Mark Twain steam ship....

We were privileged to be invited to the Captain's deck.
Me steering the big wheel ..... Yee wheelie!

I got to blow the ship's whistle too.... Toot toot...

Me & Jacky...the captain's co-pilots


Then we walked to the Palace & Castles land...

This fastasy land of snowwhites....

Entering the Snowwhite house.

This is thr Peter Pan ride.

Then Pinocchio ride....

Hhmmmmm, by now my legs so tired !!!!

Admiring the space shuttle....

But we boarded the StarWars Cruise to the outerspace. The long queue was worth waiting for coz it was quite thrilling with the 3D effects

Time to go as both legs aching already.... So we walked along the street.

Sitting down for a while appreciating a little bit of nature before exiting the Disneyland.

Well that's all for today.

I wished i was there with my family...

From Disneyland with love...
Roza Sure Bagus
10th November 2011.

Location:S West St,Anaheim,United States