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Roza came like the "Princess of Brunei" was the Limelight at International Realtors Nite.

Awesome nite of a lifetime as Roza who came all dressed up as the "Princess of Brunei" as her first name Dayangku originated from - actually stole the limelight of the Hollywood Theme party for all the International Realtors on Saturday night 12th November 2011.

Unexpectedly her ensemble of black evening gown with golden sequins worn over inner black top while her headgear was covered with gold embroidered "blink blink" long scarf once again made not only the men's head turned but also the equally beautifully dressed ladies who actually stopped her and complimented her dressing in admiration.

Wow! Roza certainly became instantaneously famous overnight!

Many had requested to be photographed with her. What an honour and she was priveleged to be so warmly welcome by the Americans as well as other International Community.

She certainly has brought Muslimah fashion to a new heights.
And could that lead to motivate her to open up a Muslimah Boutique internationally ?

Some moments to remember....
Delegates from Singapore strutting their glamorous looks.

Left : Doreen centre: Margaret.
On the right of course the Princess of Brunei!

Poh Choo said that I look like a bride !
Hmmm where did I left the bridegroom?

Picture taken with Noreen (Singapore Delegate from DWG) and the equally outstandingly attired was the realtor from Cape Town South Africa.
Our Singapore delegates all excitedly over taking pictures. Hmm how exquisite. He said he would come to Singapore to marry the Princess of Brunei Roza if she is not yet married. Hahaha no wonder Poh Choo said Roza looks like wearing a bridal outfit !

The ever lovely and talented Ms Camela Ma, the CIPS instructor caught her eyes off Roza's outstanding outift presentation too. Seated in the same picture is our first lady of Jeff Foo - Mrs Jacky Foo who is equally stunning herself.

Stella Giudicelli, the french Lady from Moneycorp... She is also exquisitely beautiful.

These are the two bodyguards for the Princess Roza: Bernard (left) and Lionel (Right). They apparently left the Limousine unattended and we got to walk back to our nearby hotel..... Or perhaps our carriage turned into Pumpkin just before Midnite???

Tan Tee Koon, formerly the CEO of SAEA was there too....
To honour the presence of the Princess Roza.

The entourage from Korea: Suck Yoon Jung, Director of Korean Association of Realtors could not resist his eyes of the Princess Roza.
On the right ....
Oh dear the Princess cannot recalled his name...
To many admirers already.

Ms Tracy Wong the IEA Director with the Princess.
Two lovely ladies aren't they?

The International dinner has certainly left a very memorable journey to the Princess Roza journey to stardom.

Awesomely outstanding appearance by everyone.

To rest of Singspore Realtors: Please join IEA and be a part of history. Take your CIPS certification next year and receive your award at NAR Convention in Colorado USA. Another land of Disney World.

From Aneheim with lots of love

Princess Roza .......

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