Friday, 11 November 2011

Part 4 - Denim & Diamonds Theme Party for International Realtors Party

All the delegates around the World congregate together in the Welcome Party with western cowboy theme.

The newly installed NAR (National Assn of Realtors) President Maurice J Veissi gave a very "moving" speech surrounding the unity of the association, he urged that we be involved in our association back home, devote our time & dedication for the cause of real estate so that with strength in number, the association can champion any cause for thr real estate practitioners.

How wonderful his vision is. I just with our Singapore Institute of Estate Agency (IEA) can be as big as thr NAR with over then 1 million members.

He said that with any house sold, the economy moves because it created so many opportunity for many people: like you need the landscape workers, interiorior designers to renovate the house, buying new furnitures, etc.

Hence the importance of realtors to the economy.

The theme of Western Cowboys was regarded as these Cowboys were the earlier land developers as they venture into new land and build houses and their township.... Hmmm how true it is. I remembered the TV series "Little House of the Prairies".

Now these are our glamourous cowboy outfits:
This is Roza the cowboy of the east from Singapore together with the lovely Tracy Wong, IEA Singapore General Manager.

Hello Cowgirls.... Yee Har !

Group photo just outside the Disney's Paradise Hotel.

Now this picture was taken outside the Convention Hall.

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