Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Meaning Of Road Name in Hillview Estate

Have you ever wondered the meaning of the road names of your housing estate?

I have recently sold a 2-storey Inter-Terrace Landed Property at Jalan Dermawan within 2 consecutive days of showing. Amazing but it's true. Best part it is at a record price of $1,035 per square foot. Jalan Dermawan is situated in Hillview Estate.

It's history, probably once upon a time the residents were either trading in precious stones as the road name suggests.

Jalan Gumilang, with the new Malay spelling Gemilang, means Shining Brilliantly as what is depicted in Jalan Batu Nilam (Sapphire), while Jalan Zamrud (Emerald), Jalan Intan (Unpolished Diamond). Lorong Kemunchup would probably come from the Malay word kemuncak which means at the Apex or at the peak. So those rich young traders as in Jalan Remaja (Youth/Adolescent) who has reached the "Peak of their business" would have been very generous as in Jalan Dermawan (Philanthropist and generous in charity works).

No wonder those people who has been staying in these estate were so wealthy....making millions from their assets.

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