Sunday, 18 December 2011

Johor Premium Outlet is a let down - it's still better to shop in USA Premium Outlets in USA itself !

The moments we have been waiting for after completing our 3days 2nites in Malacca, we exited at North-South highway Exit number 253 at the Senai Utara Toll Plaza, only another 1km to reach Johor Premium Outlet (JPO).

The structure and look was similar to the one I went at Dessert Hills California USA Premium Outlet I've been last November 2011.

However the prices was a LET DOWN. So are the collections and limited choices.

We saw many people just walking to window shop and very few people went back with shopping bags in hand.

I am a heavy shopper at the recent trip in California Premium Outlet came back with no merchandise bought at JPO.

Nothing interest me really. A quick scan at SKETCHERS outlet to compare prices of the shoes I bought in Singapore cost S$160, in JPO you can get at S$80 after conversion rate of $1=RM2.42. But the Sketchers shoes model I bought in USA not found in JPO nor in Singapore outlets.

We entered EVITA PERONI accessories store, a pair of Pearl Shell earrings cost a hefty RM220. Haaa.... Who on earth wanna wear that earring so expensive??? And it's not even GOLD ! I know I won't buy that.

My hubby checkout the Addidas store for golf apparel..... All merchandise no DISCOUNTS !!!

Aren't these outlets supposed to have discounted prices?

Singapore brandname like Charles & Keith and G2000 also found there, hmmm that doest sounds "Premium" to me !

My conclusion is..... Still syiok to shop in USA personally as the prices are really a MARKED DOWN prices.

Yours truly.
Confession from a Premium Outlets Shopperholic
Roza Sure Bagus
17th December 2011

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Location:Johor Premium Outlet in Kulaijaya


  1. I still prefers the Premium Outlet in USA. So far i have been to Desert Hills outlet in California this year and last year at Atlanta. The real thing is still unbeatable!!!

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